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Florence Lake to Edison Lake
Sierra National Forest
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Choose your dream destination, how long you want to hike, the number of people in your party, and book your trip. We'll send you the essential items you'll need for your hike and help you get ready. Your personal advisor will make sure that your backpack is properly packed, you know everything you need to be safe and happy outdoors and have no unanswered questions. No kidding, we'll be on the line before, during, and even after your hike. When you get back, return the gear to us, and remember to share pictures!
What is included into the package
The essential gear you need to complete this hike - for rent or for purchase
Full package of delicious and nutritious meals
A weatherproof printed map of your itinerary
A GPS device to track your progress and text friends and family
A list of personal items to take on your hike
Full-time online support from your RightOnTrek advisor - before and during your hike!
Wilderness permit - we'll provide step-by-step instructions to get the permit you'll need
Campsites reservation - we'll show you how to apply for the reservations you'll need